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Clear Cups & Glasses
  Clear "Smoothie/Milkshake" Cups & Lids
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
12oz (340ml) Cups 800 CSC12
16oz (454ml) Cups 800 CSC16
20oz (600ml) Cups 800 CSC20
Straw Cut Lid (For 9-20oz) 800 CSL12S
Open Dome Lid (For 9-20oz) 800 CSL12D
Insert Bowl (4oz approx) 100 CSCIN
12oz Cup + Dome Lid (Combipac) 250 CSC12-250
16oz Cup + Dome Lid (Combipac) 250 CSC16-250

  Clear Plastic Glasses
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
2oz (50ml) Shot/Sample 1,500 CPC5-A
7oz Tall Water Cup 2,000 PC7C
Half Pint to brim 1,000 PINT1/2-B
Half Pint to line (Katerglass) 1,000 PINT1/2
Pint to brim 1,000 PINT-B
Pint to line (Katerglass) 500 PINT

  PLA Clear Cups & Lids (Enviroware)
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
7oz Cups 1,000 PLA/C7E
9oz Cups 1,000 PLA-C9TE
12oz Cups 1,000 PLA/C12E
16oz Cups 1,000 PLA/C16E
20oz Cups 1,000 PLA-PINT
Flat Lid for 7/9oz 1,000 PLA/L7
Straw Cut for 7/9oz 1,000 PLA-LTS
Flat Lid for 12/16/20oz 1,000 PLA/FLE
Straw Cut for 12/16/20oz 1,000 PLA/SLE
Open Domed Lid for 12/16/20oz 1,000 PLA/DLHE

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a natural product made from cornstarch - it is strong & durable to protect food & retain freshness and is crystal clear offering excellent presentation to the consumer. Composting of PLA products will lead to complete decomposition and biodegradation of the material - turning it into water & carbon dioxide.