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Adhesives - tapes & labels
Food packaging
Wrapping and packaging

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Food Packaging
  Cellophane Bags
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Natureflex (Compostable) Cellophane Bags
Sizes N/A
  Clear Cups & Glasses
Browse Categories
Clear "Smoothie/Milkshake" Cups & Lids
Clear Plastic Glasses
PLA Clear Cups & Lids (Enviroware)
Sizes N/A
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Freshcling Jumbo Rolls
Clingfilm Cutter Boxes (Freshcling)
SpeedWrap Dispensers
SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls (Freshcling)
Stretch Wrap Clingfilm
Wrapover Film Dispensers
Sizes N/A
  Fast Food/Catering Packaging
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Bagasse Plates, Bowls & Containers
Burger Wraps (Polycoated Paper)
Chip Cones
Corrugated (Pizza Style) Brown Boxes
Corrugated Brown "Premium Burger Boxes
Corrugated Takeaway Food Brown Boxes
Infinity Recyclable Hinged Food Boxes
Microwavable Black Containers + Clear Lids
Microwavable Black Containers + Clear Lids
Microwavable Round Black Containers + Clear Lids
Microwaveable Clear Containers + Lids
Palm Leaf Plates
Paper Plates
Paperboard Takeaway Boxes
Sizes N/A
  Foil Containers
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Flan/Quiche Foils
Foil Platters
Foil Pie Dishes
Foil Takeaway Containers & Lids
Sizes N/A
  Foil Rolls & Baking Paper
Browse Categories
Aluminium Foil Rolls (Dispenser Boxed)
Aluminium Foil SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls
Baking Parchment (Dispenser Boxed)
Baking Parchment SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls
Sizes N/A
  Food Boxes, Trays & Bases
Browse Categories
Black Card Open Trays
Brown Card Sandwich Packs
Brown Card Sandwich Packs - HEAT SEAL
Brown Kraft "Bio Boxes" - Compostable
Brown Kraft Open Food Trays
Brown Kraft/Window Platter & Tray - Compostable
Brown Kraft/Window Platters & Insert Trays
Brown Kraft/Window Platters &Trays
Brown Kraft/Window Salad Boxes
Compostable "Tuck Top" Salad Boxes
White 3 Sided Service Trays
White Folding Cake Boxes
Sizes N/A
  Hinged Clear Packs
Browse Categories
Hinged Lid Oval Salad Packs
Hinged Lid Sandwich Boxes
Sizes N/A
  Paper Cups, Containers & Lids
Browse Categories
Black "Ripple" Paper Cups
Brown Kraft "Ripple" Paper Cups
Brown Kraft Rectangular Containers
Brown Kraft Salad Bowls & Clear Lids
Compostable "Cold" Paper Cups
Compostable "Ripple" Wall Paper Cups
Compostable (PLA) Sip Thru Lids
Compostable Bagasse Sip Thru Lids
Compostable Double Wall Paper Cups
Compostable Paper Food Containers
Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups
Cup Sleeves (Brown Corrugated)
Fibreboard Cup Carry Trays
Paper Cups - Single Wall - Plain White
Paper Food Container & Lids (Heavy Duty) Combipac
Paper Ice Cream Containers
Sip Thru Lids for Hot Cups
Sizes N/A
  Plastic Containers, Bowls & Lids
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"Portion Pot" Clear Containers & Lids
Black Platter Bases & Lids
Clear Containers / Lids & Topperpacks (Coveris)
Microwavable "Dispolite" Clear Deli Containers
Paper "Souffle" Portion Pots
PLA Round Salad Bowls & Lids
Tamperproof Clear Container & Lid CombiPacks
Sizes N/A
  Polyprop Film Rolls
Browse Categories
Polyprop Film - Multiperforated (for L Sealers)
Polyprop Film - Plain (for L Sealers)
Sizes N/A
  Polystyrene Cup Lids
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Plastic Lids (For Dart Polystyrene Cups)
Sizes N/A
  Vacuum Pouch Bags
Browse Categories
Clear Vacuum Pouches
Sizes N/A
  Wooden Cutlery & Straws
Browse Categories
Bagasse Sugarcane Cutlery
Paper Drink Straws
Wooden Cutlery
Sizes N/A