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Adhesives - tapes & labels
Food packaging
Wrapping and packaging

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Food Packaging
  Cellophane Bags
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Natureflex (Compostable) Cellophane Bags
Sizes N/A
  Clear Cups & Glasses
Browse Categories
Clear "Smoothie/Milkshake" Cups & Lids
Clear Plastic Glasses
PLA Clear Cups & Lids (Enviroware)
Sizes N/A
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Freshcling Jumbo Rolls
Clingfilm Cutter Boxes (Freshcling)
SpeedWrap Dispensers
SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls (Freshcling)
Stretch Wrap Clingfilm
Wrapover Film Dispensers
Sizes N/A
  Fast Food/Catering Packaging
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Bagasse Plates, Bowls & Containers
Burger Wraps (Polycoated Paper)
Chip Cones
Corrugated (Pizza Style) Brown Boxes
Corrugated (Pizza Style) White Boxes
Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes
Corrugated Pizza Boxes - White/Printed Design
Hinged Polystyrene Boxes - White
Microwaveable Clear Containers + Lids
Paper Plates
Paperboard Takeaway Boxes
Polystyrene Catering Trays
Polystyrene Plates
Sizes N/A
  Foil Containers
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Flan/Quiche Foils
Foil Platters
Foil Pie Dishes
Foil Takeaway Containers & Lids
Sizes N/A
  Foil Rolls & Baking Paper
Browse Categories
Aluminium Foil Rolls (Dispenser Boxed)
Aluminium Foil SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls
Baking Parchment (Dispenser Boxed)
Baking Parchment SpeedWrap/Master Refill Rolls
Sizes N/A
  Food Boxes, Trays & Bases
Browse Categories
Brown Card Salad Boxes
Brown Card Sandwich Packs
Brown Takeaway "Bio- Boxes"
White 2 Piece Gateaux Boxes + Lids
White 3 Sided Service Trays
White Folding Cake Boxes
White Takeaway "Bio- Boxes"
Sizes N/A
  Hinged Clear Packs
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Hinged Lid Oval Salad Packs
Hinged Lid Roll/Cake Boxes
Hinged Lid Sandwich Boxes
Hinged Tortilla Packs
Sizes N/A
  Paper Cups & Lids
Browse Categories
"Ripple" Black Paper Cups
"Ripple" Brown Kraft Paper Cups
"Ripple" Paper Cups - Printed "Weave" Design
"Strongholder" Fibreboard Carry Trays
Compostable Double Wall Paper Cups
Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups
Cup Sleeves (Brown Corrugated)
Paper Cups (Single Wall) - Plain White
Paper Cups (Single Wall) - Printed "Enjoy" Design
Paper Food Container & Lids (Heavy Duty) Combipac
Paper Food Containers - 100% Compostable
Sip Thru Lids for Hot Cups
Sizes N/A
  Plastic Containers, Bowls & Lids
Browse Categories
"Deli Gourmet" Clear Containers & Lids
"Portion Pot" Clear Containers & Lids
Black Platter Bases & Lids
Black Salad Bowls & Lids
Clear Pots / Lids & Topperpacks (Coveris)
Microwavable "Dispolite" Clear Deli Containers
Paper "Souffle" Portion Pots
PLA Round Salad Bowls & Lids
Tamperproof Clear Container & Lid CombiPacks
Sizes N/A
  Plastic/Wooden Cutlery & Straws
Browse Categories
Cornstarch PLA Cutlery
Paper Drink Straws
Plastic Cutlery - Black
Plastic Cutlery - White
Plastic Drink Straws
Wooden Cutlery
Sizes N/A
  Polyprop Film Rolls
Browse Categories
L Sealer Machines (Caterpack)
Polyprop Film - Multiperforated (for L Sealers)
Polyprop Film - Plain (for L Sealers)
Sizes N/A
  Polystyrene Cups and Containers
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Plastic Lids (Sip Thru)
Plastic Lids (Vented)
Polystyrene Containers
Polystyrene Cups
Sizes N/A
  Polystyrene Pre-Packs Trays
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White Meat/Produce Trays
Sizes N/A
  Vacuum Pouch Bags
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Clear Vacuum Pouches
Sizes N/A