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Fast Food/Catering Packaging
  Bagasse Plates, Bowls & Containers
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
Lge Burger Box 13.5cm 500 FBB6
Lge Burger Box 14.5cm 500 BAGA6
Med Food Box 19x15+7cm 250 FBB2
Med Lunch Box 19x14+5cm 500 BAGA2
Lge Food Box 25x15+6cm 250 FBB3
Lge Lunch Box 23x16+7.5cm 250 BAGA3
Lge Fish Box 32x15+6.5cm 250 FBB12
Meal Box 23x23+7.5cm 200 FBB4/1
Meal Box 3 Comp 23x23+7.5cm 200 BAGA1-3
18cm (7") Round Plate 500 GLP7
22.5cm (9") Round Plate 500 GLP9
26cm(10") Round Plate 500 GLP10
20x26cm(10.25") Oval Plate 500 GLP/OV
12oz Bowl 500 BAGAB12-A
16oz Bowl 500 BAGAB16-A
C1 Catering Tray 500 BAGAC1
C2 Catering Tray 500 BAGAC2-B
C3 Catering Tray 500 BAGAC3
Chippy Catering Tray 500 BAGACHIP
Food Tray 18x13+2.5cm 1000 BAGAT1
Food Tray 22x13.5+5cm 500 BAGAT2

"Bagasse" range of takeaway packaging is made from 96% renewable natural fibres - either reed or sugar cane & 4% water & will degrade in a matter of weeks! They are also microwave safe & oven safe up to 220 degrees C & can be refrigerated or even frozen as low as -25 degrees C.
  Burger Wraps (Polycoated Paper)
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
25x32cm - Blue 2,000 BW/B
25x32cm - Green 2,000 BW/G25

  Chip Cones
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
12oz Paper "Newsprint" Design 1,000 CTB/CC

  Corrugated (Pizza Style) Brown Boxes
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
178x178+38mm (7") 100 CPBB7
229x229+38mm (9") 100 CPBB9
305x305+38mm (12") 100 CPBB12
350x350+38mm (14") 50 CPBB15
405x405+38mm (16") 50 CPBB16

  Corrugated (Pizza Style) White Boxes
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
178x178+38mm (7") 100 CPBW7
229x229+38mm (9") 100 CPBW9
305x305+38mm (12") 100 CPBW12

  Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
Small - 240x155+50mm (10") 100 CFB/S
Medium - 270x155+50mm (11") 100 CFB/M
Large - 310x155+50mm (12") 100 CFB/L

  Corrugated Pizza Boxes - White/Printed Design
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
229x229+38mm (9") 100 CPB9
254x254+38mm (10") 100 CPB10
305x305+38mm (12") 100 CPB12

  Hinged Polystyrene Boxes - White
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
Small Sq Burger Box (114mm) 500 HB7W
Large Sq Burger Box (138mm) 500 HB6W
Oval Baked Potato Box 500 OBP6
Small Takeaway/Fish&Chip 500 HB9W
Large Takeaway/Fish&Chip 250 HB10W
Packed Meal Box 1-Comp 250 HB1W
Packed Meal Box 3-Comp 250 HB3W

  Microwaveable Clear Containers + Lids
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
170x110+40mm (500ml) 250 MC500
170x110+50mm (650ml) 250 MC650
170x110+65mm (1000ml) 250 MC1000

  Paper Plates
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
15cm (6") 1,000 6PP
17cm (7") 1,000 7PP
23cm (9") 1,000 9PP

  Paperboard Takeaway Boxes
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
Childrens Meal Boxes 250 CMB

Current stock "Animal World" with 6 designs in bulk box of 250.
  Polystyrene Catering Trays
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
178x102+38mm C1 1,000 C1
178x133+38mm C2 500 C2
222x133+38mm C3 500 C3
165x127+38mm "Chippy" 1,000 CHIPPY

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  Polystyrene Plates
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
230mm (9") 600 MP3