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Vacuum Pouch Bags
  Clear Vacuum Pouches
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
140 x 170mm (60mu) 1,000 1417VP
150 x 200mm (60mu) 1,000 1520VP
150 x 265mm (60mu) 1,000 1526VP
160 x 300mm (60mu) 1,000 1530VP
185 x 300mm (60mu) 1,000 1830VP
200 x 200mm (60mu) 1,000 2020VP
200 x 250mm (60mu) 1,000 2025VP
200 x 300mm (60mu) 1,000 2030VP
250 x 250mm (60mu) 1,000 2525VP
250 x 300mm (60mu) 1,000 2530VP
250 x 350mm (60mu) 1,000 2535VP
300 x 375mm (65mu) 1,000 3037VP
300 x 400mm (65mu) 1,000 3040VP
300 x 450mm (65mu) 500 3045VP
365 x 520mm (65mu) 500 3652VP
400 x 500mm (90mu) 250 4050VP
475 x 560mm (65mu) 500 4756VP

Nylon/PE Laminate. These pouches are manufactured from advanced resins giving the following characteristics; Microwavable, Freezeable, Sterilizable and have excellent Mechanical properties while meeting environmental challenges. The Optical attributes give a high clarity and gloss enhancing your product presentation. Suitable for cooking up to 85C. Packed with separators around each lot of 100 pouches and enclosed in a liner within the box for extra protection.