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Plastic Containers, Bowls & Lids
  "Portion Pot" Clear Containers & Lids
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
28ml (1oz) Pot 5,000 PPC1
28ml (1oz) Pot 500 PPC1/500
57ml (2oz) Pot 2,500 PPC2
57ml (2oz) Pot 250 PPC2/250
114ml (4oz) Pot 2,500 PPC4
114ml (4oz) Pot 250 PPC4/250
1oz Lids 5,000 PPC1L
1oz Lids 500 PPC1L/250
2oz Lids 2,500 PPC2L
2oz Lids 250 PPC2L/250
4oz Lids 2,500 PPC4L
4oz Lids 250 PPC4L/250

  Black Platter Bases & Lids
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
Black Base + Clear Platter Lid 245x180mm 50 BPB245
Black Platter Base 355x250mm 50 BPB355
Clear Platter Lid 355x250mm 50 BPB355L
Black Platter Base 390x290mm 50 BPB390
Clear Platter Lid 390x290mm 50 BPB390L

  Clear Containers / Lids & Topperpacks (Coveris)
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
230ml (8oz) Container 1000 DPC230
265ml (9 oz) Container 1000 DPC265
400ml (14oz) Container 800 DPC400
470ml (16 oz) Container 800 DPC470
Clear Lids - 101mm Dia 1200 DPC/L101
165ml Topperpack - 101mm Dia 400 DPC/TP101

rPET = Min 50% recycled plastic.
  Microwavable "Dispolite" Clear Deli Containers
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
60ml (2oz) + Lid 1000 DDC2
120ml (4oz) + Lid 1000 DDC4
240ml (8oz) Container 500 DDC8
360ml (12oz) Container 500 DDC12
480ml (16oz) Container 500 DDC16
1000ml (32oz) Container 500 DDC32
Lid for 8/12/16oz 500 DDC/L

  Paper "Souffle" Portion Pots
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
30ml (1oz) 5000 PSP1
30ml (1oz) 250 PSP1/250
59ml (2oz) 5000 PSP2
59ml (2oz) 250 PSP/250
120ml (4oz) 5000 PSP4
120ml (4oz) 250 PSP4/250

  PLA Round Salad Bowls & Lids
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
240ml (8oz) Bowls 1,000 PLA/RSB240
360ml (12oz) Bowls 1,000 PLA/RSB360
500ml (18oz) Bowls 1,000 PLA/RSB500
121mm Dia Lids (for 12 & 18oz) 1,000 PLA/L121

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a natural product made from cornstarch - it is strong & durable to protect food & retain freshness and is crystal clear offering excellent presentation to the consumer. Composting of PLA products will lead to complete decomposition and biodegradation of the material - turning it into water & carbon dioxide.
  Tamperproof Clear Container & Lid CombiPacks
Price Sizes Pack Quantity Ref
180ml 768 TC180-A
240ml 575 TC240-A
280ml 500 TC280
375ml 500 TC375
520ml 575 TC520-A
670ml 280 TC670
800ml 240 TC800
1000ml 240 TC1000

Tamper evident fixed tab requires breaking to open. Leak resistant lids supplied with containers.